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Purely pertaining from the necessity for a clean & tidy environment we at Green Oxy Guard conducted studies on the various methods of waste management and researched for a more sophisticated cost effective & ecofriendly waste disposal system. The “Green Oxy Guard”, the no fuel solid waste dispenser was the successful outcome. Also we derived methods of energy recovery from wastes.

  • Maximum Disposal

  • Large quantity of waste materials can be burned to ash within
    a short time.
  • Complete Combustion

  • Complete breakdown of dioxin, sulpherdioxide and the toxic materials takes place since the combustion is at a very high temperature.
  • Effective Waste Disposal

  • This is the only effective waste disposal system in densely populated areas like ours where land is becoming a scarce resource.

Common incinerators used in big hospitals and huge factories are a factory itself. Big investments are required for its installation. It operates up on expensive fuel like petrol or diesel. Running and maintenance cost is much high. More over skilled engineers and technicians are required for its operation.
Such a huge investment and running cost shall be unaffordable to almost all medium size establishments and firms.
We need an equipment with minimum investment and no running cost at all. This thought led us to the proud invention of Green Oxy Guard the and only no fuel solid waste dispenser in the world.

The unique principle Oxy Nano Technology

Operation of Green Oxy Guard is simple. Almost all type of waste materials, both wet and dry can be burned.


“Green Oxy Guard” works up on a unique principle called OXY NANO TECHNOLOGY, by which a very high temperature is attained in the combustion chamber while burning. There absolutely no need of fuel for ignition.
“Green Oxy Guard” consists of heavy insulated, three layer combustion chamber, heat withstanding steel (Ms- 15, 61 & 55) chimney, metal grating at the bottom of chamber and over the exhaust and an ash collection chamber.
The combustion chamber is so insulated that while burning process at high temperature is undergoing the outside of the equipment will be at normal temperature, there is no threat of heat of exposure or burning. The metal gratings prevent ignited embers spreading to air and burned materials falling down. Hence it is very safe to install Green Oxy Guard in our yard or even at our rooftops (open terrace).