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  • hot water incinerator

    A new technology for waste processing and obtaining pure water.

  • wet water incinerator

    A plant which easily process food waste and other bio waste.

  • No Pollution incinerator

    No environmental pollution and designed and according to the regulations of the pollution control board.

  • Waste plant Incinerator

    For processing small quantity of waste and consume very little space. It is perfect for households.

  • Napkin Incinerator

    Napkin Incinerator is a wall mountable device designed to burn napkins to less than 1 g per napkin

  • Steel tank

    A Steel Tank is used to replace the current plastic water conatiners and also used to store oils

  • Cleaning Lotions

    Cleaning Lotions are used to clean surfaces, glasses etc on Homes and at industries levels

We need an equipment with minimum investment and no running cost at all.

This thought led us to the proud invention of Green Oxy Guard the and only no fuel solid waste dispenser in the world.

“Green Oxy Guard” works up on a unique principle called OXY NANO TECHNOLOGY, by which a very high temperature is attained in the combustion chamber while burning. There absolutely no need of fuel for ignition. “Green Oxy Guard” consists of heavy insulated, three layer combustion chamber, heat withstanding steel (Ms- 15, 61 & 55) chimney, metal grating at the bottom of chamber and over the exhaust and an ash collection chamber. The combustion chamber is so insulated that while burning process at high temperature is undergoing the outside of the equipment will be at normal temperature, there is no threat of heat of exposure or burning. The metal gratings prevent ignited embers spreading to air and burned materials falling down. Hence it is very safe to install Green Oxy Guard in our yard or even at our rooftops (open terrace).


Operation of Green Oxy Guard is simple. Almost all type of waste materials, both wet and dry can be burned. Just dispose the waste through the disposal window, put an ignited paper in to the chamber. Due to its unique features it will catch fire immediately shut the window. All the waste in the combustion chamber will be burn to ash within few minutes. Ash can be collected in bags and used as fertilizer.We manufacture and market “Green Oxy Guard” as part of our social commitment towards a clean environment. We have tried our level best to make it affordable both to the public and establishments. Once installed there will not be any running cost for fuel or maintenance. We use high quality steel pipes and fire bricks. Best grade glass wool insulation with pure aluminium covering.


  • The unique principle Oxy Nano Technology helps complete combustion of the waste and due to the high temperature produced Green Oxy Guard ensure the complete breakdown of toxic substances such as Dioxin, Sulpherdioxide, etc. contained in plastics and other wastes.
  • There will be no smoke, no irritating fumes no foul odor.
  • Almost all type of waste materials can be disposed except treated cemented hardened glass.
  • Green Oxy Guard is so compact that you can install it even on rooftop. The only equipment is the availability of sufficient air supply.
  • The heat produced can be used to generate stream or electricity.
  • There is no risk of fire or burning. No threat to the surrounding you can touch it while burning is undergoing.
  • Since there is no fuel used for ignition and no skilled technicians required for its operation the running cost is absolutely nil.
  • No maintenance is required. Just clean the gratings and chamber after continued operation, probably once in a week.
  • No toxic or hazardous by products but only ash. They can be used as a fertilizer.
  • Suitable for all commercial establishments like Hospitals, Auditoriums, Shopping malls, College campus, Residential colonies, Hotels, Markets etc..

Technical Details

Model Tank capacity Tank size (dia x height) Height (Plant & Chimney) Burning Time Area
GG-15 10-15kg 200 x 450 4 mtr. 15-30 mnts. 3 x 3 sq.ft.
GG-25 20-25kg 300 x 650 4.5 mtr. 15-30 mnts. 4 x 4 sq.ft.
GG-50 40-50kg 500x1000 5 mtr. 20-30 mnts. 5 x 5 sq.ft.
GG-70 60-70kg 800x1600 9 mtr. 30-45 mnts 10 x 10 sq.ft.
GG-100 80-100kg 1000x1900 9.5 mtr. 30-45 mnts 10 x lOsq.ft
GG-125 100-125kg 1250x1900 10 mtr. 30-45 mnts. 12 x 12 sq.ft.